Water and sunshine

And necessarily a canoe! With such a combination, you can be carefree, discover the joy of contact with nature, and experience unforgettable moments of relaxation. Rhythmical splash of water hit by a paddle will tranquilize even the most overworked ones. The world looks different from a canoe. The beauty of a river, the smell of a forest and a meadow will invigorate and innerve you. Thanks to this form of recreation you can enjoy the attractions of active vacation close to nature.Not only do we want to raise a momentary smile, but also to make the smell of summer keep you in good spirits throughout the year.Befriend nature. Prepare for the excursion!

Where and when

Canoeing rally on the Pilica river. The Pilica is a river in South and Central Poland, the longest left tributary of the Vistula. The river is 319 km (198 miles) long, and its watershed area is 8341 km2 (3220.5 mi2). The Pilica river flows over the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, the Middle-Polish Lowlands and the Central Masovian Lowland, and empties into the Vistula near Ostrówek village, in the geographical region called the MiddleVistulaValley.The speed of canoeing on the river is relatively high, the routes are available to canoeing begginners. The river-bed winds and meanders, and creates many a sandy islet. Numerous attractive historical monuments are situated along the Pilica river. The area is exceptionally attractive from seight-seing and nature tourism point of view. Available from May till October.

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