You are cordially invited to active vacation with Go Nature – bikes, canoeing and horse trips. We combine horse trips with canoeing and bikes with canoeing as well. Befriend nature. Prepare for the excursion!


The first day of our horse trip. Start close to Piotrkow and finish in Sulejow/Podklasztorze. Beautiful scenery, in the beginning in the forest and then along the Pilica River and Sulejow Lake. Beauty of the nature.


  Raków  Podklasztorze 32 km
  Podklasztorze Łęg Ręczyński 38 km
  Łęg Ręczyński  Krzętów 36 km
  Krzętów możliwość spływu kajakowego
  Krzętów  Malutkie 36 km
  Malutkie  Napoleonów 28 Km


Please find enclosed the route of our one-day canoeing. Pilica river wonderful and wild as always!
You are invited for our 7-day canoeing with the very interesting route.


Warka sightseeing-Access to Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Tomaszów – Inowłódz, 19 km-Spała sightseeing
Inowłódz – Domaniewice, 23 km-Inowłódz sightseeing
Domaniewice – Tomczyce, 20 km
Tomczyce – Białobrzegi, 22 km-Białobrzegi sightseeing
Białobrzegi – Warka, 29 km


The beautiful bike route in Stromiec Forest. Departure from Kepa Niemojewska, after 2 km in the forest along the railroad track, than along the Pilica river off-road. Unforgettable views.
You are invited for our 7-day bike trip also with one-day canoeing.


Jedlnia Letnisko

Jedlnia Letnisko Garbatka Letnisko Sieciechów Jedlnia Letnisko 68 km
Jedlnia Letnisko Pionki Kozienice Forest Museum Jedlnia Letnisko 64 km
Possible Canoeing Radomka Brzóza Ryczywół 17 km
Bike Jedlnia Letnisko Głowaczów Jedlnia Letnisko 54 km
Magnuszew open-air museum Grabów Magnuszew 58 km
Magnuszew Studzianki Świerze Górne Magnuszew 56 km
Magnuszew sightseeing of Warka 28 km


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