Easy rider

All those who want to taste adventure are invited to horse trips. We travel on horseback along forest routes; we cross rivers, admiring picturesque landscapes and watching animals. Every day brings a new route, a new challenge. Every morning is an invitation to a new experience.The world seen from horseback is much more beautiful and interesting. We reach places inaccessible on foot, bike or by car.For those who would like to improve their horse-riding skills, we offer stationary camps with qualified staff of instructors, and sport horses. After such a stay, every rider will certainly be satisfied with newly acquired experience.Befriend nature. Prepare for the excursion!

Where and when

Łódź Horse Route is 2100 km (1304 miles) long and consists of two loops all around the greater Łódź area and the whole voivodeship. It is the longest horse route in Europe. There are 200 equestrian centres, 21 stopping places, numerous historic monuments and leisure centres on the way. They have been equipped with everything which is indispensable to riders and horses during rest, such as stop shelters, hitching posts and grazing areas, as well as corrals and a paddock. In some tourist showplaces, such as the Museum in Nieborów, the Cistercian Abbey in Sulejów or the Palace in Walewice, electronic guides in Polish and English are available. Łódz Horse Trail is available all the year.

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